Our Experience with Pregnancies and Anti-Sperm Antibodies

pregnancies and antisperm antibodiesWe are often asked about pregnancies and anti-sperm antibodies. The following real life situations have all resulted in pregnancy as a direct consequence of having a vasectomy reversal with Mr Harriss. We have decided to add them here as we are regularly asked about low sperm counts, motility, and antisperm antibodies. Everbody’s experience is different and not everybody has the expected outcome. Where repeat semen analysis were undertaken, they were an additional expense to the individuals concerned.

Motility is defined as the percentage of sperm swimming.

Why Do Anti-Sperm Antibodies Occur?

There are many reasons why men develop these antibodies. They are primarily a result of the vasectomy, trauma, riding  a bike – for many reasons. It is not a vasectomy reversal that causes them, they were already present. It is our experience that high levels of anti-sperm antibodies do not necessarily exclude the possibility of pregnancy.

What Are The Chances Of Conceiving?

Recent published research has found that couples with less than 20% motility after vasectomy reversal at three months have a 19% chance of achieving pregnancy whilst those with more than 20% motility have a 53% chance of conceiving within  two years of unprotected intercourse.

Another study noted that “normal ranges of semen parameters as established by the 2010 WHO standards may not adequately predict post-vasectomy reversal fertility” [1] meaning that a sperm count does not have to normal to enable conception.

The following are examples of the many different scenarios that have resulted in pregnancy in The Vasectomy Reversal Centre. For testimonials of more pregnancies, please visit this page.

Pregnancy 1

A man had a sperm count of 5.9 million per ml with motility of 38%. The WHO guidelines indicate that pregnancy is only possible with a sperm count of over 20 million per ml. His partner became pregnant.

Pregnancy 2

A man 6 years post vasectomy had a vasectomy reversal with Mr Harriss. His post-op count was 3.6 million and motility was 55%. This gentleman was also found to have 100% anti-sperm antibodies. 5 months post reversal, he contacted us to say his partner was pregnant.

Pregnancy 3

A man 6 years years post vasectomy found that his count was 0.4 million post op, positive but very low. His motility was 50% however. 13 months later his partner gives birth.

Pregnancy 4

16 years after his vasectomy, and having had surgery which prevented repair on one side, this couple are awaiting the birth of their child just over a year after the reversal. This man had a sperm count of 31 million and motility of 3%.

Pregnancy 5

13 years after his vasectomy, he found his sperm count to be 31 million and motility to be 55%. 15 months later his partner gave birth to their baby.

Pregnancy 6

12 years post vasectomy, this man found that when he had his sperm count checked at 3 months, the count was very low (1 million per ml) and they were all dead. Mr Harriss advised a repeat count in 5 months whereupon the count had improved to 5 million per ml and 3% were live swimming. Another 5 months later, the couple decided to re-check their count and found that it was now 30 million per ml with 25% swimming. 6 months later, understandably feeling a down about not conceiving, they had an additional test whereby the sperm count had fallen to 11.6 million per ml, motility had increased to 37% and anti-sperm antibodies were 80%. At this test, the couple did not realise that they were already pregnant and two years later from the date of the reversal, they had their child.

Pregnancy 7

8 years post vasectomy, with a sperm count of 10 million at 3 months post vasectomy reversal and 20% swimming, this couple had their baby one year after the reversal operation.

Pregnancy 8

A gentleman came to Mr Harriss for a redo- vasectomy reversal. Unfortunately, he developed a post-operative infection requiring antibiotics. 14 months after later his wife finds that she is 15 weeks pregnant.

Pregnancy 9

6 years post vasectomy, a couple find that their sperm count at 3 months is zero. 6 months after the operation, they find that she is pregnant.

Pregnancy 10

After a miscarriage, a lady writes to us that she has had a baby from a second pregnancy. Her partner’s count was 8 million with 1% motility.

Pregnancy 11

After his reversal, a man found he had a sperm count of 20.7 million per ml good motility with 48% swimming. His anti-sperm antibody test indicated 100% antibodies. His partner is expecting their child.

Pregnancy 12

A man and his 40 year old wife are expecting a baby. Semen analysis showed 90% antibodies at the time of semen analysis.

Pregnancy 13

A man 6 years post op has a post-op sperm count of 0.4 million but 50% are motile. Just over a year later, their son is born.

Pregnancy 14

10 years after his vasectomy with one testicle which sadly showed a zero count at his semen analysis. Then we received this short but wonderful email:

“xxxx is 13 weeks pregnant today thankyou so much for making this all possible.”


1.Majzoub A et al. Vasectomy reversal semen analysis: new reference ranges predict pregnancy. 2017 Apr;107(4):911-915

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