Preparing for your vasectomy reversal

vasectomy reversalAlthough for many men the prospect of vasectomy reversal surgery can bring considerable apprehension, there is plenty that they can do to ensure they’re in the best possible health prior to the operation. Not only does taking steps to ensure enhanced well-being maximise the chance of the procedure going smoothly, it also helps to facilitate healthy sperm production, increasing the possibility of a post-reversal pregnancy. Detailed below are four key suggestions to get your body in excellent pre-op shape.

Stop smoking

If you haven’t already, now is the time to quit! Not only does smoking increase the risk of a chest infection after a general anaesthetic, studies have shown that it can slow down the wound healing process after surgery.

Eat well

Sticking to a well-balanced nutrition plan that contains plenty of antioxidants and zinc is a sensible way of ensuring your body’s getting everything it needs to produce premium grade sperm. Not only does consuming a diet based on fresh fruit, vegetables and lean proteins taste good, it ensures you’re getting everything you need for successful post-op healing.

Look after your mental health

Worrying about the operation, its chance of success and the potentially long road ahead before successful conception can give men considerable anxiety and may even contribute to more serious mental health problems. Putting in place a positive support network and taking time to find ways of boosting your mental well-being ensures you are able to approach the surgery in a positive, yet realistic, manner.

Change your underwear

Wearing looser underwear and trousers is generally accepted to improve sperm quality, as a cooler temperature is needed to facilitate effective sperm production. More closely fitting briefs are suggested for the week or so after surgery, as they can provide more support to the genital area.

Looking after yourself prior to undergoing a vasectomy reversal procedure doesn’t just help ensure the process goes well, it can also maximise the chances of healthy sperm production. With excellent vasectomy reversal success rates, you can be confident that you stand every chance of becoming a father in the future.