reasons for vasectomy reversal

There are many reasons for vasectomy reversal:

New Relationship

The majority of our couples have been together for a time and they now feel that it is right for them to have a child together. It is just the vasectomy that is in the way. Their reasons for vasectomy reversal are a wide ranging as are the times since the vasectomy, however the great majority experience positive sperm counts at 3 months. Included in this group are a significant number of men who report that one of  the main reasons for vasectomy reversal is that they were coerced by a former partner into having their vasectomy. They are happy that they have found a loving relationship and want to move forward long term with their new partner.

Decided to Have Another Child

Having thought that there could possibly not be any room for anymore children, some couples find that they have made a mistake in having the vasectomy and come to the Vasectomy Reversal Centre for their reversal, inspired by the good, published results. They usually have had short periods of time since the vasectomy.

Failed IVF

Other reasons for vasectomy reversal include couples who have had one or more cycles of ICSI which has not resulted in the much wanted pregnancy that they desire. They have found us, and the rest, they say, is history. Not only is having a vasectomy reversal a much cheaper option, it is more fun conceiving and of no detriment to the female’s health.

Previous Failed Vasectomy Reversal

We have had a significant number of men come to us as they have had poor treatment or a negative result from elsewhere. The price is the same and Mr Harriss has successfully reversed many of these. Skilled in vasovasostomy and vasoepidymostomy, it is possible for you to have the operation that you need.

Please contact us here, by completing this form if you are interested in a re-reversal.

Post Vasectomy Pain – Testicular Pain

There are some men who experience considerable, often debilitating testicular pain, after having a vasectomy reversal. In fact, studies suggest that 10% of men post vasectomy suffer from pain and this can often be alleviated by having a reversal of vasectomy.

Want To Feel Normal Again

For some men, having a vasectomy in hindsight, was the wrong thing to do and they struggle to feel like the man they were before the vasectomy. For this small group, their reason for vasectomy reversal restores them back to “normal”, ready to get on with their lives.

Thought They Couldn’t Have One

There are some couples who contact us and tell that their GP or well-meaning friend told them that they couldn’t reverse their vasectomy.  After a period of time, frustration or new information leads them to our site and they are quite emotional that there is a possible solution for them.

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