Recovering after your vasectomy reversal

vasectomy reversalIf you’re hoping to father a child after your vasectomy reversal, it’s important to bear in mind that there are other factors that could affect your partner’s chances of conceiving. From general health to what you put in your body, it’s important to keep yourself in tip-top condition for the best chance of your vasectomy reversal resulting in a pregnancy.

You also need to give yourself enough time to recover properly, letting rejoins heal and allowing the body a little time for rest and recuperation. The good news is that you’ll have to take it easy for a week or two, so depending on the kind of guy you are, you might quite enjoy the downtime!

Every client who has a vasectomy reversal needs at the very least a week of rest – so put your feet up, crack open a good book or settle down with your favourite box set for the first week after the procedure.

Of course, if you can’t take the time off from your employment to shut off completely, answering a few phone calls and emails won’t do you any harm, but if you can switch off mentally you’ll feel the benefits that total rest can bring.

Sit down as much as you can – you can pop up to make a cuppa or grab a bite to eat, but it’s probably best to rule out cooking for a dinner party or walking very far!

Some people need more than a week off from work, and that includes anyone whose job entails lifting and carrying. If you sit at a desk, the bad news is that you’ll probably be fine to go back to work, but anyone with a physically demanding job should take an additional week off work.

You should also be shying away from other forms of physical exertion for the first few weeks – unfortunately that includes sexual intercourse as well as sports for the first two weeks ,and swimming for four to six weeks after a vasectomy reversal.

For more info on the dos and don’t’s of recovering from vasectomy reversal, see our page here.