Recovering from a vasectomy reversal: what you need to know

recovering from a vasectomy reversalAny surgery will require a certain amount of recovery time, and recovering from a vasectomy reversal is no different. The good news is that your recovery time when reversing a vasectomy should be relatively comfortable, swift and fairly easy.

According to an audit that The Vasectomy Reversal Centre performed on patients after vasectomy reversal surgery, the great majority experienced no pain at all due to the powerful painkillers given in the course of the surgery. Around 10% of men described discomfort. All said that it was significantly better than when they had the original vasectomy.

Recovering from a vasectomy reversal: our advice

If you do experience pain that is severe enough to warrant oral painkillers, then the good news is that in most cases, this pain will disappear after between a few days and a week.You’ll need a few hours to rest after the surgery has been completed, while the general anaesthetic wears off. After that, you’ll be asked to change into your supportive underwear, and will be given instructions that detail how to care for the wound from your operation when at home.

Once you arrive home, recovering from a vasectomy reversal will involve resting for a few days, making sure that you don’t over-exert yourself, as physical exertion may increase the time that it takes for the wound to heal. During the few days after the operation, you should continue to wear your tight fitting underwear to assist with healing, and you should avoid getting the treated area wet when you are taking a bath or a shower.

You will have dissolvable stitches, these should disappear within a few weeks. This means that there will be nothing to remove so there will be no need for a follow-up consultation.

When it comes to work, those with sedentary office jobs should be able to resume their normal duties within the space of a week. If you work in a role that involves a greater level of physical exertion, then you may be asked to stick to lighter tasks until your recovery is complete which should be at the end of two weeks. Recovering from a vasectomy reversal is an important period of your life and this time should be treated with respect.

Complications from our vasectomy reversal surgery are incredibly rare, but when they do occur, we can provide advice and we have a website full of information to support you too. If you do notice any infection or other complications, then contact us or your GP as soon as possible.