vasectomy reversalsFor safe and effective vasectomy reversals you absolutely must go to a top surgeon. We all have regrets and when we seek to correct those regrets, especially ones as personal as a vasectomy, no mistakes can be made. There should be a couple of things to be thinking about when considering a vasectomy reversal; safety and effectiveness and when you use a top surgeon with years of experience and plenty of success stories – you can rest assured your surgery will be as safe and as effective as possible.

Vasectomy reversals have varying results, but the truth is most of those results are great. To get an idea of where you may fall on the success spectrum have a look at these numbers. Those are some pretty good chances for most men especially when you use a specialist like Mr. Harriss who has the kind of experience needed to ensure the best success possible.

Our Process

The process is easy and you don’t even need a referral from your GP. Just make an appointment with Mr. Harriss in Nottingham for a consultation and then schedule your operation, or have the surgery the same day. You will be put under general anesthesia which is the safest way to perform the operation, there is only one small incision, the recovery time is short (one to two weeks) and in three months time a sperm sample should be able to tell you how successful the operation was.

If you’re worried about how to pay for your vasectomy reversal – don’t be. There is a finance plan you can take advantage of which even offers a 0% finance rate (for a period of time) making payment as easy and painless as the operation itself.

So, if your plans are to start making a family sooner rather than later, contact us and we can schedule a consultation or same day surgery and you can start planning the family you’ve always wanted now.