semen analysis

Here at The Vasectomy Reversal Centre, we take semen analysis very seriously. We understand that one of the main aims of having a vasectomy reversal is so that you can regain your fertility by having a positive semen analysis and then conceive a child naturally.

For a semen analysis to be performed correctly, it must be undertaken by trained accredited embryologists or pathology staff and be performed in a WHO accredited laboratory.


It is insufficient for semen to just be looked at under a microscope. This is not recognised as an accurate method to assess and analyse semen by the World Health Organisation or by any other respected medical establishment.

The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence quality standards [QS73] requires that any services analysing semen samples use methods and reference values in accordance with the most recent World Health Organisation (WHO) laboratory manual. This means that laboratories who provide semen analysis must ensure that there is a quality assurance programme in place so that services analysing semen samples use methods and reverence values in accordance with the most recent WHO laboratory manual.

This is why we have built a relationship with CARE Fertility in Nottingham where all the analysis of semen takes place as they have quality assurance programmes in place and all the embryologists are accredited for analysing semen.


Semen analysis results

We have a protected pathway of results organised by Mr Harriss. This means that all the results go to Bev, Mr Harriss’s secretary who sends out all the results. Even when Bev is away, this pathway remains the same to protect patient confidentiality.


Can I go elsewhere to have my semen analysis?

Yes, you can. That is not a problem. The cost of the semen analysis is always included as we have always felt that this is such a vital part of the whole vasectomy reversal and we are fortunate enough to have a world class semen analysis facility locally.

What we would recommend is that you find a local WHO accredited laboratory and there may be a cost, but Mr Harriss will be more than happy to look at your results when they come through. Occasionally, people have had a less than satisfactory experience and so there is always the opportunity to come back to Nottingham to have the semen analysis that you paid for.


Can I use a Home Kit?

You can use one for semen analysis if you wish BUT they are very unreliable. There is a reason why WHO has accredited labs so that people can obtain reliable information. Mr Harriss does not support the use of home kits because of the unreliability of them.


 Is there a protocol of advice that I should follow?

Yes. Please follow this advice:

  • abstain from ejaculation for 2 -5 days prior to your sample appointment date
  • at the appointment, wash your hands and genital area carefully
  • dry yourself thoroughly
  • avoid contact with the penis and the inside of the specimen jar if possible as this can cause contamination
  • please ensure that the cap is screwed on tightly and the label details are correct.


How long to the results take to come through?

They can take a day or a up to a week in busy times. This is when CARE are busy as they send them through to us when they can. Bev will always try and get these results out to you as soon as they come through.


How do I get a semen analysis appointment?

We do not make the appointments for you, instead we have a much simpler process whereby you can register with us and then we send you the information to phone CARE so you are in control of when your appointment takes place. The web address to register will be sent to you (after you have had your vasectomy reversal) by email and in the post-op letter you will receive from Mr Harriss.

If you have any questions about having your semen analysis or anything else about having a vasectomy reversal, please contact Bev or Catherine on 0115 837 0300 or 0800 5593922 or by email.