You’ve decided to investigate reversing a vasectomy.

The process of reversing a vasectomy with us is very straight-forward. Many are surprised at how uncomplicated it is.

Firstly though, a little information about Mr Harriss.

reversing a vasectomyMr Harriss has been performing micro-surgical vasectomy reversals since 1998, soon after he became a Consultant Urological Surgeon here in Nottingham. He has now performed over 4000 vasectomy reversals using a single layer method that he originally learnt in the United States.

The single layer method of reversing a vasectomy is a quicker procedure and one that is recognised as one of the main micro-surgical methods of performing a vasectomy reversal. It takes around an hour and always performed under a general anaesthetic. Most people view having a general anaesthetic with a little concern, but that is normal. Nearly all say that is is like having a lovely deep sleep. We can arrange for you to talk things through with our anaesthetist if you are concerned though.

There is research showing that there is no difference between the single layer method and other methods of reversing a vasectomy but there are REAL differences found in the surgeon’s ability irrespective of the type of method used. What this means is that the reputation and experience of the surgeon is what matters most of all. There is no gold standard of the type of procedure (irrespective of what you might read online).


Some reassurances about Mr Harriss:

Mr Harriss always performs a reversal on both sides unless there is a reason (such as one testicle) not to do so.

He has seen all types of vasectomy and managed to successfully reverse them*

Mr Harriss always uses a high powered Zeiss microscope for every procedure.

He can meet you on the day of surgery, in fact 98% of men decide to do this as it saves time. This is because what he sees in surgery is not necessarily the same as in the consultation so Mr Harriss will not need to examine you prior to surgery.

If you do want to come for a consultation though, that is fine. We can arrange that for you.

If you have any particular questions, Mr Harriss will happily answer them via email.

If you have already seen a consultant for a consultation and they gave you a low chance of success, examined you and could only predict doing one side (these are commonly told to us), then Mr Harriss will be able to help you.

The outcomes of reversing a vasectomy are very important. With this in mind, Mr Harriss regularly audits his own results and is possibly the only surgeon in the UK to do this on a regular basis.vasectomy reversal information

Mr Harriss has around 1500 testimonials from his website, social media (averaging 4.8/5) and Feefo, our independent feedback service where we have an average score of 4.9/5.

We have a private Facebook group, if you are on Facebook, where you can ask other people about their experiences.

We have a website specifically for post-op care and a pathway of help for you after your surgery.


Next Step: What’s The Cost?

If you feel that Mr Harriss might be the surgeon for you, then you will want to know the cost of having a reversal. Click here to find out more.




*there is only a problem if you have had a vasectomy at the same time as a hernia repair. This is very rare but sadly it does mean that a reversal will not be possible on that side.

We are friendly and helpful. If you have any questions, please ring us on 0115 837 0300 during the week or  0800 559 3922 evenings and weekends. Or you can click the button to send us an email.