after testicular pain

An estimated 10% of all men suffer from chronic pain after having their vasectomy.  This can be an acute or chronic problem which is some cases can be quite debilitating. Below are some testimonials from men who have had a vasectomy reversal for post vasectomy pain syndrome or testicular pain after vasectomy.

Some Success “After Testicular Pain” Testimonials

Another reason I’m writing today is that before Mr Harriss did my reversal I suffered a lot of pain. Mr Harriss asked me to let him know if the pain eased, well yes it has and it really feels like its back to normal, so once again please can you pass our gratitude on to Mr Harriss. As the operation was performed to treat PVPS I will ignore the general pain associate with surgery and concentrate on the post vasectomy painOverall it’s been a very slow but steady progress and I’m pleased to say (touch wood) that we moving in the right direction. The first month was very uncomfortable in the epididymis area and walking any significant distance 100m plus was difficult without pain, month two and three have seen steady progress with less and less pain and now only mild discomfort. The testicle is now pain free and lost its hard sensitive sensation and feels normal again and this happened in the first month. The testicle is also now unaffected by hot baths or any sexual activity. Any sexual activity is best at night as there is a prolonged recovery period of discomfort in the epididymis which is slowly shortening. In line with recommendations I commenced ejaculation after two weeks and have tried to continue on a daily pattern ( where possible) to flush out the congested bits and get the plumbing working, It’s difficult to maintain this level of enthusiasm so I need to know when it would be reasonable to cut back without upsetting the progress. I have seen no blood or noticeable change in the semen color or texture since the operation? The epididymis continues to remain prominent in size on the top of the testicle larger than I would suggest normal but can be touched without pain? This is only very noticeable in the bath or when very relaxed. The nerve pain in the legs, hips and across the stomach has receded and my general state of health has improved. This is a big improvement in my quality of life! The low intensity fever has gone away and my immune system appears to be returning to normal. PVPS can drain up to 50% of your energy level and this is no longer such an issue. Despite the positives I am not pain free and discomfort confined to the epididymis is still apart of everyday life but nothing like the months prior to the operation. If pain and discomfort was on a scale of 10 prior to the operation its now 3 or 4 and hopefully in the next few months will be 1 or 2. You did say 3 to 6 months but I think it may be more In retrospect did we choose the right option? Definitely yes from my point view I only wish I had elected for the reversal on the right side before removing the epididymis and then later the testicle. Would it be the right decision for otherPVPS sufferers? Unless there’s something else causing pain I would say generally yes.  My fear continues to be that it hasn’t worked and the operation released enough pressure for a temporary respite now building up again or that the vas will become scarred and closes up again? Time will tell but I’m trying to be positive. Thanks for all you’ve done for me, you’ve given me hope which is more than I had before – chronic PVPS is a terrible disease. (J)  Dear Mr Harriss, Following my reversal for persistent post vasectomy pain on 07/01/2014 I have had a very positive outcome from the surgery. My pain levels following surgery were dramatically lowered to only minor aching, when compared to the sometime very high pre reversal pain levels. I had a few problems with healing and took a minor wound infection 10 days after surgery in spite of trying to be very disciplined in wound care. I had antibiotics prescribed by my GP’s surgery and this resolved within a week however, with full wound closure by 6 weeks post surgery. The healing process was much less painful than the healing from the original vasectomy surgery wounds. I also had a semen analysis performed at the Royal Victoria Hospital in Belfast via a referral by my GP which returned a positive count, I have only had this information from my GP’s surgery by telephone so have not had the precise numbers as yet.
Over period since the surgery I have had some general aching across my abdomen and also somewhat more with my scrotum, with the left side being most noticeable, which was previously the site of the most severe pain. However this aching is intermittent, possibly noticeable around twice a day and not something which at all impacts my quality of life, pain through intercourse has also thankfully ceased. The feelings of pressure and inflamation that were also present along with the pain have also now gone. On three occasions since the reversal I have taken a couple of paracetamol or ibuprofen for these aches. On one occasion from 29/04/2014 I had a spike in pain levels for around two days and took Naproxen and paracetamol together twice on two consecutive days, I had a bad cold at the time, which I have read other anecdotal accounts of having increased pain for some who have suffered pvps. This has since abated however.

I have been rebuilding my health and I am glad to have avoided any further use of 60/1000 Co-Codamol and similar strong painkillers. I was previously taking 8x paracetamol and 8x ibuprofen a day as a minimum, with Naproxen and Co-codamol being added as pain levels escalated. I have been rebuilding my health and fitness since the reversal and am building towards being able to run a 10K again within the next 5 weeks prior to our family summer holiday, while dropping off the excess weight gained during a difficult and painful year with my health. 

The other problems I suffered with following the original vasectomy also seem somewhat improved, but that may be the passage of time as is often the case with vestibular problems. However being relieved of chronic genital pain could only make anyone feel a lot better in terms of their overall health. Overall I am very glad I proceeded with the reversal, the surgery has been a great success for me and I have had the best outcome I could have hoped for. Thank you for your excellent work, it has hugely improved my quality life when compared to the very difficult 11 months proceeding my reversal operation. (D.B.) 

I wanted to give you an update on my progress since my vasectomy reversal on 26th November 2012 at your clinic.
In an attempt to jog your memory, I was the policeman who had my vasectomy under the NHS on 12th June 2012 in Worcester. I then suffered 5 months of terrible post vasectomy pain. During my consultation I recall you mentioning your desire to be updated as PVP is an area that causes huge problems to a proportion of vasectomised men yet there is no one definite treatment to cure it. I seem to remember my chances of a good recovery from the reversal being put at about 50/50. Having had the reversal, you requested an update at 6 weeks and 3 months which I supplied (generally felt a bit better, the pain was still ever present & seemed to go in cycles). My sex drive was still very low due to the cycles ofpain. The 3 month test showed the operation was a success with good levels of sperm.
Currently at 14 months post op, I wanted to update you again.  Between month 3 and month 10 things seemed to plateau somewhat with pain of varying types and degrees most days. Consequently, my sex drive remained low (something I’d never experienced prior to my vasectomy in June 2012).  September 2013 was a turning point.  The never ending cycles of different types of pain stopped or were much lower on most days to such an extent that for the first time in 15 months, I could go whole days on end without my nightmare vasectomy experience entering my mind!  And as if to confirm that I wasn’t imagining the dramatic improvement, my sex drive came back in abundance and the horrid feelings previously felt during sex disappeared.
I’m pleased to report that to date I’ve generally maintained that level of recovery. There have been some days where I feel as though I’m in discomfort though they have been sparse since the Autumn and apparently random rather than cyclical.
It is no exaggeration to say the reversal has turned my life around.
I note from your testimonials section that almost all of the updates are in regard to couples conceiving post reversal.  I didn’t want my update appearing in the testimonial section as I wanted to remain anonymous and also men in pain looking for hope would probably miss it in amongst the other posts. I thought it far better to update you privately so that when men come to you for advice you know first hand that the reversal has the potential to produce dramatic results for the better.
Most days now I feel very little discomfort & on those days I would say I’m 90% back to where I was pre-vasectomy in May 2012.
On those odd days where I feel discomfort, 65 – 70% better. Having lived a life of regret in those 5 terrible months that saw me drive myself to despair due to the pain, lack of sex drive, lack of sleep, bitterness & anger, (all those put together meant I only had one thing on my mind day & night), I would have sold my house and lived in a shed if I thought it would have given me the level of recovery I’m now enjoying.  I’ve been fortunate enough in my 31 years to have some fantastic holidays & experiences but I can say without one hesitation that the £2,600 spent at your clinic was the best investment I’ve ever made.
I hope my story will add to your knowledge of PVP & cures, and perhaps give other men in the future a real hope that the reversal can do to them what it’s done for me.  Many MANY thanks for your work. (N.F.)


Overall this has certainly improved my pain of PVPS.  It has been a bumpy ride.  ie. after the reversal (for the first 2 months) I felt instant relief of the pressure but a reasonable amount of pain (aching in the lower abdomen, tubes and slightly in the testicles) as my body was recovering from the procedure.  It continued to slowly improve (less pain) with some days where pain was higher than others for no particular reason I can think of.  At about the 3 month stage I would say that the pain in testicles is very low and overall pain in tubes lower so definitely a worthwhile improvement of having the reversal procedure.  
I would say that it is slowly still improving and the only real issue of pain left is from the scar tissue/nerve damage presumably from the original vasectomy.  I am now just hoping that the remaining pain will settle down completely.  I like a lot of other PVPS sufferers have “googled” around the various sites and in particular appears to be one where men actually discuss on a forum openly.  Other future options for me appear to be things like nerve block and de-nervation but from what I can see this appears to be carried out in America and in most cases does not work or can make it worse?  So my guess is I should be happy that the reversal operation you carried out by you which has certainly improved my pain levels, and hope that the nerves settle down in time……..
Thank you again for your time, understanding and overall approach to my operation.  You have certainly given me a better standard of life pain wise than was the case before.

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