What Is Your Chance Of Success According to Mr Harriss?success rates for vasectomy reversal

Our success rates for vasectomy reversal are analysed regularly to ensure that they continue to improve. The latest audit from June 2017 shows that there is consistent success across all times since vasectomy.

Success is defined as the presence of live sperm at 3 months analysis or pregnancy within 3 months. After years of performing hundreds of microsurgical vasectomy reversals every year, Mr Harriss has refined his technique, and continues to do so to maximise your chances of success.

We have had successes (positive sperm counts) and pregnancies for many intervals after vasectomy.

We are also aware that there are people who become pregnant and do not let us know.

Our Success Rates for Vasectomy Reversal Audit:

These figures relate to Mr Harriss’s practice only. He is able to audit his results due to large number of people who attend his clinic.

They are based on both sides being rejoined.

Mr Harriss has never NOT been able to perform a vasectomy reversal due to the method of vasectomy (though you are welcome to check with us if you have any concerns).

These success rates for vasectomy reversal are only based on Semen Analysis results from those who attend. Pregnancies are NOT included. There are many testimonials of pregnancies on our Facebook page.

The Time Since Vasectomy And Your Chance Of Success

Some More Good News!

We also have many testimonials from people who had their vasectomy between 2 and 30 years previously and conceived within the first three months and therefore didn’t have a semen analysis after having their vasectomy reversal with Mr Harriss.

They are not included in Mr Harriss’s success rates for vasectomy reversal as the individuals concerned did NOT have a semen analysis.

A successful vasectomy reversal means that you have many chances of conceiving with your partner.

Mr Harriss’s experience and wish to do his best surgery for everyone who attends, ensures that the success rates for vasectomy reversal mentioned above are realised for the majority of people as they are able to father children again. Mr Harriss strives to consistently improve his techniques, which he can do, as he performs several hundred vasectomy reversal procedures every year.

We are here to help you maximise your chances of success after vasectomy. To find out more about our process, please go to this page where you will find information about consultations, clinics, surgery and times.

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