anti-sperm antibodies

What are anti-sperm antibodies?

vasectomy reversalIf you’re hoping to conceive after a vasectomy reversal then you might have heard the term anti-sperm antibodies being bandied about. So just what exactly are anti-sperm antibodies, and should you be worried about them affecting your fertility in the long run?

Anti-sperm antibodies are created by the body as an immune response against sperm, and all sorts of different things can trigger their secretion. This does include, but is not limited to, vasectomy procedures; keen cyclists and those who have suffered previous trauma to the area can also […]

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Understanding anti-sperm antibodies

sperm antibodiesThere are a number of causes of infertility and a variety of reasons why someone might find it difficult to conceive. One of the stranger sounding, and actually quite scary reasons being touted, is the presence of anti-sperm antibodies. An antibody is a cell of the immune system that is created by the body to combat specific threats, normally bacteria and viruses. However, sometimes the body can create antibodies against molecules that are not a threat, and sometimes this can be damaging to health.

Why does the […]

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