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There are many factors to consider when thinking about whether a vasectomy reversal is the most appropriate course of action to take to have a baby.

Vasectomy reversal versus IVF

Although you did not want more children, you and your partner have changed your minds and are exploring your options. Yet when considering whether to choose a vasectomy reversal versus IVF, you may be unsure as to which route would be best for you. Here are some pros and cons of both to help you […]

Saving sperm during a vasectomy reversal? Yes or No?

The main reason that men contact us for a vasectomy reversal is to enable them to father a child, whether this is with a new partner or to increase their family. At The Vasectomy Reversal Centre we have high levels of success, but sometimes patients want to know that they can try for a baby […]

3 vasectomy reversal ‘risks’ you should stop worrying about

Undergoing any form of medical procedure can be daunting and stressful. Sadly, vasectomy reversals are no exception. If you’re currently preparing yourself for a vasectomy reversal, it’s entirely natural for you to feel worried. There are several common concerns that people tend to fixate on because they are worried about their vasectomy reversal operation. We’d […]

How to decide where to have your vasectomy reversal

Not all clinics that perform vasectomy reversals have the same rate of success, so it’s vital to do research before deciding who you can trust to give you the best chance of restoring your fertility.Listed below are a number of questions you should ask before committing to surgery, and all reputable clinics should be able […]

Why we perform your vasectomy reversal under general anaesthetic

Your vasectomy reversal will be performed under a general anaesthetic provided by an expert anaesthetist. This is for your comfort and safety, and improves the chances of success in your operation. In this blog post we will elaborate on why general anaesthetic will make your reverse vasectomy experience as positive as possible! Why have a […]

Single? Considering a vasectomy reversal?

Many men who have had a vasectomy wait until they are in a relationship with someone they want to have children with before they start thinking about reversal. But is this really the best course of action? For some men, it may be wiser to have a vasectomy reversal while they are single or still […]

Vasectomy reversal myths debunked

If you decide to undergo a vasectomy reversal, myths are not helpful. By having accurate information at your fingertips that will ensure you are as informed as possible. Having worked with thousands of people, we have heard most stories and these seem to be the most common. Popular Vasectomy Reversal Myths You are too old. […]

Discussing your vasectomy reversal with your partner

The decision whether to grow your family or not is one of the most important that any couple can make. It is vital that you are both in complete agreement before you proceed with a vasectomy reversal. Even raising the issue can take delicate handling. Making the choice whether or not to bring new life […]

Second Marriages and Vasectomy Reversals

As more people divorce and then remarry other partners, an increasing number of couples are trying to start a family later in life. For many, this means men are requiring a vasectomy reversal. Almost 40% of weddings are now second marriages; and for men who’ve had a vasectomy – believing they weren’t going to have […]

When it comes to pregnancy after a vasectomy reversal, patience is a virtue

One of the most common questions asked by men having a vasectomy reversal is: “how long will it take to conceive?” Many couples may become concerned when they don’t get pregnant after a few months of trying, but in most cases, it’s only a matter of time and patience can bring with it plenty of […]