Are your Christmas Pants affecting your fertility?

loose fitting pantsThere are numerous wonderful things about the festive period, and some traditions we all look forward to – like mince pies by the fire, hanging up stockings, and arguing over who makes the best gravy. Some traditions aren’t so well-loved – the obligatory underwear gift, for example – but they appear under the tree every year regardless. When someone else is buying your underwear you don’t have much control over the fit, which is why purchasing your own can be more important than you think. So what do we […]

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A healthy diet for dads to be

fertilityIf you’ve gone to the trouble of having a vasectomy reversal then you almost certainly want to give yourself the best possible chance of fathering a child. Well, the work doesn’t stop with the surgeon.

Potential fathers should look carefully at their diet if they want to improve their fertility, which could mean a radical lifestyle change in some cases. It means ditching the processed foods and focusing on a clean and balanced diet that includes the following:

Carbohydrates – wholegrain starchy food.

Protein – meat, fish and pulses can help provide […]

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Good Fertility News: Potency Can Increase Despite Age

fertilityIf you’ve had a vasectomy reversal or are thinking about having the procedure, you’ll be interested to learn that it’s possible to give your fertility a boost no matter how old you are just by what you eat – at least according to the results of a new study.

The research set about to show, for the first time, that there’s an optimal balance of macronutrients needed for high levels of reproduction, which can also aid in extending lifespans. Those macronutrients are the basics we all eat […]

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Could Your Job be Damaging Your Fertility?

fertilityLuckily a contemporary working culture that embraces health and safety measures has done plenty to reduce exposure to dangerous toxins such as heavy metals, radiation and poisons. Despite the welcome emphasis on promoting well-being in the workplace, there are still a number of common factors that can have a significant negative impact on male fertility. Maximise your fertility by managing these three common occupational hazards, which can severely impact on your chances of achieving successful conception:


From sitting in one position for a long period of time to working […]

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