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Everyone wants to know the payment information to work out if they can afford to pay for a vasectomy reversal. Our payment information covers paying from your own account or borrowing money from the hospital in the form of a 12 month interest free loan.

Have you considered all the costs of vasectomy reversal?

There are plenty of reasons that you might decide you want a vasectomy reversal, whether it’s months or years after the original procedure. Reversing a vasectomy can help to relieve pain associated with the original procedure and restore fertility to those who have changed their mind about wishing to father a child. The procedure should […]

Great Financing Solutions for Vasectomy Reversals

For many, the chance to once again be able to conceive is priceless. Even though the time may be right for a child, the thought of paying for vasectomy reversals out of pocket may put your baby dreams out of reach. At the Vasectomy Reversal Centre, we may have found just the solution as we offer financing […]

The Cost of Vasectomy Reversal Needs Not be a Mystery

One of the most common complaints of men looking to reverse their vasectomies is the lack of transparency surrounding the actual cost of vasectomy reversal. And, indeed this is a problem with some clinics who refuse to pinpoint the actual cost. If you look around the Internet, prices can be found anywhere from 2,000 to 5,000 […]

Our Vasectomy Reversal Payment Plan

If you’re thinking about having a vasectomy reversal because you’ve decided to start a family but are worried about the cost – you shouldn’t be. There is a vasectomy reversal payment plan available to help allay any fears you have about affording the procedure. Cost should never be a barrier to good people looking to start a […]