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The post-op lifestyle after having a vasectomy reversal is very important. There are some crucial aspects in the immediate two weeks after surgery but on a longer term basis, there are many important factors that need to be considered to maximise the chance of a successful outcome.

Chill out! Vasectomy reversal recovery tips

Giving your body enough time to rest and heal following your vasectomy reversal is a hugely important part of the recovery process so these vasectomy reversal recovery tips are important to understand and take note of. You’ll need to take at least one week off to chill out and recuperate, advises Mr Harriss, and two […]

The breakfast shake to boost your sperm

Gymgoers have long taken protein shakes packed with all kinds of nutrients to get themselves fighting fit after a hard session. In a way, following a vasectomy reversal, you’re trying to do the same thing. You are, of course, trying to strengthen an entirely different kind of muscle, but you can influence the amount and […]

Is your phone nuking your sperm?

If you have gone through the process of vasectomy reversal, or if you’re thinking about it, then the chances are you want to father more children. If that’s the case then it might be time to take care of the small details, like taking your phone out of your pocket. Ever since mobile phones shrunk […]

Are your Christmas Pants affecting your fertility?

There are numerous wonderful things about the festive period, and some traditions we all look forward to – like mince pies by the fire, hanging up stockings, and arguing over who makes the best gravy. Some traditions aren’t so well-loved – the obligatory underwear gift, for example – but they appear under the tree every […]

Returning to exercise after vasectomy reversal

If you are an athletic individual then it is completely understandable that you will want to return to exercise after vasectomy reversal. Some people find the two weeks after surgery to be a frustrating time. However, if you take your time and remain cautious, you can gradually begin to exercise again at a safe pace […]

A Healthy Diet After Vasectomy Reversal

If you’ve gone to the trouble of having a vasectomy reversal then you almost certainly want to give yourself the best possible chance of fathering a child. Well, the work doesn’t stop with the surgeon. Your diet after vasectomy reversal is very important. Potential fathers should look carefully at their diet if they want to […]

Male fertility: the facts

When it comes to fertility issues in heterosexual couples, the problem is spread quite evenly between the two sexes; male infertility accounts for between 40 and 50% of all instances in humans, and around 7% of men are affected by fertility problems when trying to conceive. The most common root cause of male infertility can […]

A lifestyle guide for maintaining healthy sperm

If you’re thinking about having a vasectomy reversal, the quality of your sperm is a vitally important factor for your future plans. As a man ages, the quality of his sperm gradually declines, and there are many simple lifestyle factors that can drastically affect this. Many of these may seem obvious, while others are sometimes […]

How the heat from laptops can damage your sperm

After you’ve undergone a successful vasectomy reversal, you want to do everything possible to keep your sperm healthy. As technology evolves there are always suspicions regarding the damaging affects our technology have on health and none are more worrying than the implications they have on our fertility. There is a chance that laptops can damage […]

A guide to vasectomy reversal post-operative care

While a vasectomy reversal is a very minor operation, there are a few things that you must bear in mind, as well as a few precautions you must take to ensure a swift and effective recovery. You should be able to perform most aspects of your care yourself, so you shouldn’t need much in the […]