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Many people have no idea what to expect when embarking on having a vasectomy reversal. The Vasectomy Reversal Centre takes pride in ensuring that people understand all that is involved in this life changing surgery.

Saving sperm during a vasectomy reversal? Yes or No?

The main reason that men contact us for a vasectomy reversal is to enable them to father a child, whether this is with a new partner or to increase their family. At The Vasectomy Reversal Centre we have high levels of success, but sometimes patients want to know that they can try for a baby […]

Chill out! Vasectomy reversal recovery tips

Giving your body enough time to rest and heal following your vasectomy reversal is a hugely important part of the recovery process so these vasectomy reversal recovery tips are important to understand and take note of. You’ll need to take at least one week off to chill out and recuperate, advises Mr Harriss, and two […]

Why we perform your vasectomy reversal under general anaesthetic

Your vasectomy reversal will be performed under a general anaesthetic provided by an expert anaesthetist. This is for your comfort and safety, and improves the chances of success in your operation. In this blog post we will elaborate on why general anaesthetic will make your reverse vasectomy experience as positive as possible! Why have a […]

How to prepare for vasectomy reversal surgery

vasectomy reversal

Preparing for any kind of surgery is about making sure your experience is as comfortable as possible. Because of this, there are a number of preparations which are an important part of the pre-surgery process. You should always seek professional advice on your personal preparation, but here are some general tips which apply to the […]

Returning to exercise after vasectomy reversal

If you are an athletic individual then it is completely understandable that you will want to return to exercise after vasectomy reversal. Some people find the two weeks after surgery to be a frustrating time. However, if you take your time and remain cautious, you can gradually begin to exercise again at a safe pace […]

Discussing your vasectomy reversal with your partner

The decision whether to grow your family or not is one of the most important that any couple can make. It is vital that you are both in complete agreement before you proceed with a vasectomy reversal. Even raising the issue can take delicate handling. Making the choice whether or not to bring new life […]

Second Marriages and Vasectomy Reversals

As more people divorce and then remarry other partners, an increasing number of couples are trying to start a family later in life. For many, this means men are requiring a vasectomy reversal. Almost 40% of weddings are now second marriages; and for men who’ve had a vasectomy – believing they weren’t going to have […]

A new start: same day vasectomy reversals

Once couples have made the decision to have a vasectomy reversal, they often get the urge to get the ball rolling immediately. This is especially true for couples embarking on the journey towards parenthood and for those who feel time is of the essence. Here at the Vasectomy Reversal Centre, we often have requests for […]

A guide to vasectomy reversal post-operative care

While a vasectomy reversal is a very minor operation, there are a few things that you must bear in mind, as well as a few precautions you must take to ensure a swift and effective recovery. You should be able to perform most aspects of your care yourself, so you shouldn’t need much in the […]