The breakfast shake to boost your sperm

male fertilityGymgoers have long taken protein shakes packed with all kinds of nutrients to get themselves fighting fit after a hard session. In a way, following a vasectomy reversal, you’re trying to do the same thing.

You are, of course, trying to strengthen an entirely different kind of muscle, but you can influence the amount and quality of your sperm with a high-quality shake, blasted together in a blender.

Of course there are a variety of options you can go for, but this is a good selection to get you started.

1. Brazil nuts – High in Selenium, a handful of Brazil nuts can get you kickstarted. Selenium helps with the formation of certain proteins that help produce sperm.

2. Pumpkin seeds – One of nature’s well known sperm boosters, these are a rich natural source of Zinc that helps sperm motility and the production of testosterone, which will help get you in the mood in the first place.

3. Raw cacao – Not the drinking chocolate rubbish that has been processed to within an inch of its life, but genuine raw cacao that has now been heralded as a superfood. Available in both powder form or nibs, raw cacao contains L-Arginine, which is a noted erection booster. There are so many more nutrients in raw cacao that you should always include it, and it tastes amazing too.

4. Rolled oats – A complex carbohydrate source that should ensure your body has a constant source of energy to draw upon. Sperm production is one of the first things to go when your body is overstressed as it’s a luxury.

5. Maca – Generally taken in capsule form, this Peruvian root can go straight in to your morning shake and give you a boost in terms of sperm volume, motility and your libido.

6. Banana – A great source of energy and Potassium, Vitamin B and Bromelain.

7. Full fat milk – Again it’s rich in energy, calcium, healthy fats and a multitude of other niceties that might not be the low fat option, but it will help your sperm production.

8. Spinach – It seems odd in this company, but put this in a shake and you won’t even know this massive source of iron is there.

Just whizz all of that up, guzzle it down and not only will you give yourself a boost in the trouser department, you’ll have a healthy way to start the day.