Discussing Vasectomy Reversals on Radio 5 Live

Mr Harriss was interviewed by Gabby Logan on Radio 5 Live about the increasing number of vasectomy reversals and we have recently re-found the recording of the interview. It is still relevant today and can be informative to listen to.

radio 5 live vasectomy reversal interview On being interviewed, Mr Harriss mentioned that there are many different reasons for men seeking a vasectomy reversal. He also added that after a successful reversal, some men then proceed to have another vasectomy!

Mr Harriss discusses with Gabby and Dr Hilary Jones about the number of vasectomy reversals taking place every year and there is also a man who had had a vasectomy reversal whose partner subsequently became pregnant.

This topic is not often discussed in the listening media and subsequently, many have only the written word online to work out the facts. Many of our patients have found this BBC radio interview very helpful.

Please click the red arrow link below to listen to it:

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