Two celebrities who’ve had vasectomy reversals

phil mcgrawThere are a plethora of reasons why men choose to get a vasectomy reversal: whether a vasectomy was a decision they made too early on in life or their circumstances have completely changed. If you’re looking to open up your options again, vasectomy reversal is incredibly successful, with around 98% of men (up to 7 years after a vasectomy) becoming fertile again after treatment. If a vasectomy reversal is a procedure that you’re interested in, why not take inspiration from these two celebrities who’ve walked the path before you? They are living proof that a reversal can lead to a return of fertility and successful births.
Ozzy Osbourne

Ozzy has spoken about how his wife, Sharon, wanted him to have the procedure initially after they had three children together (Ozzy also has two children and an adopted child from a previous relationship). The legend goes that, every time Ozzy came back from tour, Sharon got pregnant, so she banned him from coming near her unless he had a vasectomy. However, a change of heart led Sharon to want another baby after all and Ozzy agreed to have a vasectomy reversal procedure to make him fertile again. After the procedure, Sharon and Ozzy attempted IVF to conceive again, and whilst the IVF itself was successful, an illness that affected Sharon’s fallopian tubes meant it wasn’t meant to be.

Phil McGraw

American talk show host and agony uncle, Dr Phil, has spoken very openly about his vasectomy history. He sneaked off to have the snip whilst his wife was pregnant with their first child and almost instantly regretted the decision, calling it the ‘biggest mistake’ of his life. And this wasn’t just because he helped with the procedure himself. He was only 29 years old and soon decided to have the vasectomy reversed. Only six weeks after the reversal, Dr Phil’s wife, Robin, fell pregnant with their second child.

These are just two examples of people who’ve undergone a vasectomy reversal and gone on to have a fast fertility recovery. Whether you wish to attempt to conceive again after your vasectomy reversal, whether it’s naturally or via IVF, be inspired by these two stories and make those first steps today. Contact us here at The Vasectomy Reversal Centre, we’re happy to help.