Understanding male reproductive anatomy

vasectomy reversalWe are all taught about human reproduction from a very young age. One minute we are innocently unaware of anything bar the fact that the tummy button might play a key role in the birth of our younger brothers and sisters, and then whack… we are opened up to the graphic truth of how we entered into this funny little world. But, after that initial shock, how many of us actually take the time to learn about the anatomy behind one of nature’s most spectacular events? How many of us fully understand the way our genitals function on a day to day basis?

The male reproductive system, and its associated hormones, is far simpler than that of our female counterparts. Firstly, males have virtually everything on show, making it far easier to see and grasp as a concept. The penis is just the vehicle through which the ejaculate is transferred. It is responsible for the excitation response that causes the ejaculate to exit the body. As vital as it is to the sexual process, it plays no actual part in fertility.

The testicles, or testes, are responsible for the vast majority of testosterone production within the male body. It is testosterone that controls libido, sperm count, and male characteristics, such as muscularity and fertility. The testicles then act as a storage vessel for this sperm, in readiness for sex and subsequent procreation. What people do not realise is that male ejaculate is actually only made up of around 2-5% sperm, which is transferred into the ejaculate via a tube, known as the vas deferens. The rest is made up of prostate and seminal fluid from the prostate gland, and seminal vesicle.

During a vasectomy, it is the vas deferens that is severed, meaning that the sperm never makes it to the ejaculate. This rarely affects the amount or action of the ejaculate, only the potency. During a vasectomy reversal procedure, these tubes are reconnected, meaning that the ejaculate is once again potentiated by the addition of sperm. Due to modern medical techniques, vasectomy reversals are very often extremely successful. Contact us today to enquire about this very simple operation.