Use the Best Vasectomy Reversal Clinic

best vasectomy reversal clinicWe all make mistakes, and a past vasectomy may seem like a big one if you’ve decided you’d like to start a family. The truth is, like most mistakes this one has a very good chance of being be corrected. But, you want to make sure and use the best vasectomy reversal clinic that has proven itself to be safe and effective and whose only urological consultant is among one of the best in the United Kingdom in order to get the best possible results.

The majority of men become fertile again.

Fortunately, that clinic is nearby in Nottingham and you can take advantage of the skills of Mr. Harriss, a renowned leading urological surgeon who has performed an astounding amount of successful vasectomy reversals since 1998.

Why Seek Out The Best Vasectomy Reversal Clinic For You?

The Vasectomy Reversal Centre in Nottingham makes the whole process easy and affordable too. All you have to do is contact the clinic and make an appointment to consult with Mr. Harriss – a referral from your GP is not necessary. You can either have the procedure performed as a one visit appointment (including meeting Mr Harriss), or come and meet him first and then schedule your surgery for another time in the future. The procedure itself is simple requiring only general anesthesia, and the recovery period is one to two weeks depending on your regular physical activity. And, in about three weeks you can resume intercourse which is when some couples find out the surgery has been successful by becoming pregnant.

Other important reasons to use the best vasectomy reversal clinic is that this is only what we do: vasectomy reversal surgery. Contacting us is easy, sending information to you is straightforward. Ay questions you may have are answered.

Payment is easy too. There is an available, flexible finance plan that allows you the luxury of taking your time to pay for your vasectomy reversal. These are all the things you want in a vasectomy reversal clinic so you can have peace of mind and concentrate on the only thing that really is important – your family planning.

So, if you’re considering a vasectomy reversal and want to be sure to get the very best care with a clinic that has enjoyed a very high success rate, if you are looking for the best vasectomy reversal clinic, contact us and we can schedule your consultation and you can be on your way to starting that family you so well deserve.