vasectomy reversal costDaily we are asked about the vasectomy reversal cost. The Vasectomy Reversal Centre focuses on making having a vasectomy reversal uncomplicated, easy and a fixed price.

With advertised prices all over the internet varying from £2000 to £5000 often we are told that there is a total lack of transparency. We are here to make things easy.


Our Vasectomy Reversal Cost Includes:

  • All the hospital costs and fees
  • A meeting with Mr Harriss on the day of surgery
  • All meals
  • Access to facilities, should they be required
  • 3 month post-op semen analysis at CARE Fertility purpose made semen analysis suite (WHO Accredited Suite)
  • No VAT
  • No debit or maestro card fees

For this, we do NOT need a GP referral.

Does The Cost Vary Depending Upon My Needs?

The vasectomy reversal cost is the same, however you decide to come to have the vasectomy reversal surgery. You can either come and meet Mr Harriss first to return on another date for your reversal, or you can come and meet him, and proceed to have the microsurgical vasectomy reversal on the same day.

You can come on a Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday afternoon which would always have an overnight stay or you can come on a Sunday (once a month) as a day-case.

We do have a day case list on the 26th May, 15th June and the 14th July.

The Cost Of A Vasectomy Reversal & How To Pay

The cost is the same for a vasectomy reversal or a redo-vasectomy reversal: £2897 chance of success

For visitors from Europe, the approximate* cost in euros = €3229. For visitors from the US, the approximate* cost in US dollars = $3696 (*January 2019 )

A deposit of £500 will be required at the post of booking, however you wish to pay for the cost of your surgery.

The remainder of the vasectomy reversal cost is required 2 weeks prior to surgery and can be paid the following ways:

1. Debit card – pay online or over the phone

2. Credit card – pay online or over the phone

3. BMI Payment Plan Card – After a deposit of £500 is made at the point of booking (this has to be paid for by visa or master card), there is a 0% finance scheme for 12 months then an APR of 9.9% thereafter on any outstanding balance if it would help you. For more details click here. Payment with this can be made over the phone. It is also possible to pay via a combination of any of the above methods.

4. Save and Pay – once you have booked in for a date in advance, we will send you details of how you can pay. However, you will need to make a non-refundable deposit payment of £500 at the point of booking. After this, you just pay what you can afford every month (there is no minimum amount as there are no credit checks for this method). So over a period of time, your money goes towards the vasectomy reversal cost. After the deposit money is paid, the remainder is always yours until the date of the operation. Many couples find that this helps to save and to stop the money being spent elsewhere. More information can be found on our Save and Pay page.

When Do I Have To Pay?

Payment is required in full around two weeks prior to surgery. We will email you to remind you. We don’t mind if you pay using several different methods. You can pay by telephone or online where a receipt is automatically given.

Phone Us on 0115 837 0300 (days) or 0800 559 3922 (evenings & weekends)

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