Here in Nottingham, since 1998, we have been helping hundreds and hundreds of men regain their fertility.  We have now compiled a vasectomy reversal ebook of all the questions, with answers, that people have asked over this time.

We understand that there is much information about vasectomy reversal on the internet. We also know that many GPs, through no fault of their own, do not have the information available to them to discuss the pros and cons of having a vasectomy reversal.

We have also found that some people, very understandably, have questions to ask prior to their visit and this ebook is aimed at you.

Our Vasectomy Reversal Ebook

This covers all aspects from basic anatomy to success rates, from how the procedure is performed to feedback. Most importantly, at every stage, where there has been scientific research investigating a particular aspect, we have included this to support what we do and why.

This is an invaluable guide for all contemplating a vasectomy reversal. Together with the information here on this site and the information in this ebook, you will have a clear idea as to what to expect, what is important to focus on and extra information you didn’t think you needed to know.

We also wanted to offer you an alternative of being able to read this on your smartphone, tablet, ereader or laptop, without needing the internet.

Just click the image below to go through to Amazon:

vasectomy reversal ebook