vasectomy reversal experience

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Vast Vasectomy Reversal Experience

For around 20 years, performing hundreds and hundreds of vasectomy reversal, experience pays. In fact, Mr Harriss has recently performed his 4000th vasectomy reversal. In addition, Mr Harriss is a qualified urological surgeon so should something untoward occur during surgery, or just the idiosyncracies of individual’s anatomy (which is all slightly different), he has the skills to deal with it.

High Quality Surgical Experience

After 16 years of surgical training in all aspects of surgery and specialist training in Urology, Mr Harriss is a highly skilled surgeon. This expertise of his is scrutinised by the NHS, where he is employed as an NHS Consultant Urological Surgeon Vasectomy and he adheres to strict controls of his outcomes of surgery. This monitoring ensures that safe practice is maintained in the private sector. A non surgeon, such as a GP, would not have this mechanism of monitoring or control.

People Really Like Us

We have a large following on Facebook full of people who have either come to see us for a vasectomy reversal or are waiting their turn. It is full of people recounting their vasectomy reversal experience. We have hundreds of genuine testimonials from couples. We have over a hundred independent feedback reports from Feefo giving us a 100% satisfaction score. We work really hard to keep you informed and give you the information you need to make the right decision for you.

Part of a Large Private Healthcare Network

Mr Harriss is the leading microsurgical vasectomy reversal surgeon for the BMI Healthcare network of hundreds of urologists based at 59 different hospitals around the UK. The Vasectomy Reversal Centre is located in Nottingham at the BMI Park Hospital. To our knowledge, Mr Harriss is the only surgeon in this network to publish his results and make them accessible.

Vasectomy Reversal Results

chance of successHigh results come from years of  micro-surgical vasectomy reversal experience. These results are published and available to you. Not all surgeons who perform vasectomy reversal surgeons do this and this is vital so that you can see that there is accountability.

Radio 5 Live Interview

Mr Harriss has spoken about vasectomy reversal surgery with Gaby Roslin on Radio 5 Live. The interview can be heard here.

Mr Harriss’s technique

We have a page of information about Mr Harriss’s technique and this can be reached via this link.

Additional Facilities

The BMI Park Hospital is a proper private hospital and part of the large BMI Healthcare network of hospitals. The Park Hospital has 5 operating theatres, an ITU, an X Ray department and a pharmacy. All these departments matter in case you need them. Your price is fixed, but it is reassuring to know that should something untoward happen, help is at hand for no additional charge. For example, we had one gentleman who woke up after his surgery with severe chest pain, never experienced before. He was taken straight to ITU where he was monitored overnight, at no extra cost. It transpired that he had indigestion as nothing was found to be wrong with his heart. He was very relieved as were we!

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