Vasectomy Reversal – Facts vs Fiction

vasectomy reversal myths

vasectomy reversal factsWith rumours, myths, and online forums, there are many sources of information about vasectomy reversal that are both misleading and incorrect. The only people to listen to when you want to know about reversing a vasectomy in the UK are fully qualified Consultant Urological Surgeons who are registered on the GMC specialist register, like us.

Our Helpful Vasectomy Reversal Facts

So we’d like to give you the facts on some of the most common statements we hear and read about reversing a vasectomy.

Fiction – Vasectomy reversal is very painful

Fact – The surgery is performed under general anaesthetic so there is no pain felt because you are given very powerful painkillers. An audit of our anaesthetics indicated that the majority of people just suffer from mild discomfort. One of the vasectomy reversal facts is that it is a minimally invasive procedure that, although requiring you to take up to two weeks off work to allow healing, will not cause you any pain during the procedure. There may be a little soreness for a few days after the operation, but pain relief will be provided to ease this.

Fiction – If the vasectomy was performed more than 10 years ago the reversal will not work

Fact – Whilst time is something to consider when having a vasectomy reversal, it doesn’t determine if it will be successful or not. Your age, you and your partner’s fertility prior to the vasectomy and other things will all be considered. For example, other factors to consider are if all went well during the original vasectomy or if there was any damage done, and whether or not you had received any treatment that may have affected your testicles, such as chemotherapy or radiation treatment for cancer.

Fiction – Success rates are only about 1 in 3

Fact – Success rates will vary from one clinic to another, and will be determined by many different factors.Up to 7 years post vasectomy, you would have a 98% chance of success (if you are aged 30 or under, or at least 90% if you are aged 31 and over and it is less than 10 years from your vasectomy. Even over 11 years (up to 20 years) the chance is 80% success with Mr Harriss. You can view the rest of the success rates here.

Fiction – You are not allowed to have sex for 3 months after the procedure

Fact – It is vasectomy reversal fact that we advise patients to abstain from sex for 2 weeks. This means that you could conceive a child within a month of surgery. Many of our couples have done so!

FictionAnti-sperm antibodies prevent vasectomy reversals being successful

Fact – Our experience is that women can become pregnant despite their partner having ant-sperm antibodies. We have evidence that it has happened many times.

Don’t ever listen to hearsay about vasectomy reversal facts or fiction; speak to experts in this field. Contact us today for information to help you.