Do You Want A Local Surgeon?

Every day, we are contacted by people like yourselves, who have phoned their local private hospital or been to see their GP about having a vasectomy reversal. This is because they thought that seeing their local surgeon or GP was the way to have a vasectomy reversal. This is not the case.

This is because a ‘vasectomy reversal near me” does not usually mean that the surgeon will be experienced and give you the outcome you desire. This is the feedback of many who have visited a nearby surgeon and not been happy enough to go ahead and have surgery.

After a look online, people then find Mr Harriss in the same way that you have now.

Mr Harriss is very experienced and will do his best to ensure that the surgery you receive is likely to maximise your chances of success. Because of his success rates, the majority of people travel over 100 miles to see Mr Harriss in Nottingham from all over the UK because they have made a choice of experience over locality.


Do You Want An Experienced Surgeon?

Experience is always preferred. This is the main reason why people decide to see Mr Harriss because with experience comes results. We find that the people who contact us fit into one of three main groups.
vasectomy reversal near me

Firstly, people ring us straight after seeing their GP who has usually told them that a vasectomy reversal is either not possible or has extremely low success rates. Our response to this is that your GP may be a good family doctor but the chances are that they have never performed a vasectomy reversal and were also told, when they studied to be a GP, that a vasectomy was irreversible.

Mr Harriss’s own results prove otherwise and these are backed up by hundreds of testimonials about pregnancies and babies being born.

Secondly, Another large group of people contact us after seeing a local surgeon who has often been referred to them by their GP. They initially were keen to search for a “vasectomy reversal near me” and that is totally understandable.

However, we know, and this is backed up by research, that the majority of surgeons who perform reversal of vasectomy perform 25 or less operations a year. So this means that the surgeon enabling a “vasectomy reversal near me” will give you knowledge will be based on his limited experience. For this reason, we often have conversations starting with some telling us that they say a local consultant and they were told that the surgery was not possible, or too much time had passed or it will cost several thousand pounds. None of which instilled a sense of confidence and yet they had to pay for the consultation too.

We have also had people contacting us to say that they cannot get a date from their local consultant or worse still, they had a vasectomy reversal that didn’t work and they can no longer get hold of their surgeon.

This is all very sad to hear.

Thirdly, we have a much larger group of people who have researched considerably online and decided to see Mr Harriss based on his experience, what other people have said about him and his results.

A vasectomy reversal near me? Travelling to us.

As the majority of people have to travel, we have therefore timed the surgery so that you stay overnight (and your partner can too), to go home the next morning. We do have the occasional day-case list usually on a  Sunday for your convenience. On Mondays you need to be at the BMI Park Hospital in Nottingham (NG5 8RX) for 12 midday, on Wednesdays the arrival time is 4.30pm.

Unlike any other clinic, we have an online booking system whereby you can see which date is available and book in. We introduced this to assist those who needed to book travel and consequently, many have reported that it is very straightforward to use. All dates that are available can be seen in real time.

What to do next?

You can either ring us on 0115 837 0300 or you can send us an email and let us know what information you need. We look forward to hearing from you.

We are friendly and helpful. If you have any questions, please ring us on 0115 837 0300 during the week or 0800 559 3922 evenings and weekends. Or you can click the button to send us an email.