Are You Seeking A Vasectomy Reversal Payment Plan?


vasectomy reversal payment planWe have long known that a vasectomy reversal payment plan is the way forward for many people for many different reasons too. Everyone has access to one, many to both and they are here to help you pay for your reversal surgery.

Credit Assessed 0% Finance Over 12 Months

This is available to everyone. However, there is a credit assessment to obtain this. It is just like getting a loan from the hospital and once the surgery takes place, you start repaying the loan. People have applied for this for many different reasons: not wanting to use current savings, have saved some but not all the money, or do not have any savings.

If successful, after the deposit has been paid for by debit card or credit card, then the cost per month over 12 months will be around £199 (£2397) or if you include a room for your partner at an additional cost of £50, then the monthly cost would be around £201 (£2447) over 12 months. By paying these sums as a minimum, you will not incur any additional costs at the end of the 12 months.

The person having the surgery does not have to apply for this, it can be a partner or parent or anyone else who is agreeable to help in this way. We have a page with a link to the application form here.

Important Points About the 0% Finance

Our advice is that if this is the only way you can pay for the surgery, you need to take into account that the deposit of £500, that is now required to secure all bookings, can only be paid for by debit card or credit card and not the finance.

Possibly, due to something that happened in the past, you may not be eligible for this finance despite the fact that you may be earning well now.

Before applying, please check that you are registered to vote at the address that you are putting on the form. This is the most common reason why people are rejected for the finance assessed vasectomy reversal payment plan.

You will need a certain number of points (in your credit rating) and more information can be found about this on our Finance page.

If obtaining finance is your only way of affording the cost, then please apply first before making your booking. We would feel much happier knowing that someone who is booking in has applied for and been successful in obtaining finance prior to paying for the deposit. As the deposit is non-refundable, we do not want to encourage situations where people are hoping to obtain the 0% finance and book in only to be turned down later.

Finally, there needs to be a period of around 4 weeks prior to the planned date of surgery to apply, follow-up and know that all your costs are in place to proceed to book.


Pay Over Time by Instalments.

We do have many people opting to pay for a vasectomy reversal payment plan whereby you pay by instalments. Our experience about paying this way has shown that only those who have proven to themselves that they can save money are successful with this method.

Ideally, to ensure that your booking and deposit are kept, this is what we propose: if you are able to save half the cost of a vasectomy reversal (around £1500) going forward or indeed already have that sum saved, then we will feel happier taking your booking. We would be more than happy if you rang us to talk through the process and subsequent booking. Our number is 0115 837 0300.

If and when you have the £1500 saved towards the full cost of £2897, then you are in a position to pay the deposit of £500 and another payment of £1000. This then leaves £1397 to save or pay by instalments. All you need to do is to work out how long you need based on your previous saving and then book a date for around that time. This way, you will have the time you need to make the payments. Also, as your deposit can move with you (up to 28 days before surgery), should you find that you need another couple of months, then we can move your appointment without you losing your deposit. If you cancel or try and change the date within 28 days, then the deposit will be forfeited.



We are friendly and helpful. If you have any questions, please ring us on 0115 837 0300 during the week or 0800 559 3922 evenings and weekends. Or you can click the button to send us an email.