Vasectomy Reversal Questions

Many people have questions. We have tried to answer the most common ones here  – if you have a vasectomy reversal question that you cannot find the answer for, please do get in touch and we will gladly help

It is with regret that we have had to charge a deposit that is non-refundable at the point of booking. This is not negotiable or refundable and will be for £500 per person.

If you plan to pay by the BMI Payment Plan card, this still means that you will need to find the deposit of £500 in order to make the booking. The cost of the surgery that you can pay for via credit will be £2831 minus £500, leaving £2331 to pay.

Mr Harriss is a fully qualified consultant urological surgeon. This means that he has completed rigorous training in surgery and specialist training in Urology. He is recorded as being a member of the GMC Specialist register. He is entitled to list these qualifications after his name. As a surgeon he has earned the right to be called “Mr”.

Someone who is a “Dr” does not have surgical qualifications.

The law has recently changed. You will need to give your employer a doctor’s ‘fit note’ (previously called a ‘sick note’) if you are off sick for more than 7 days in a row (including non-working days). This can be obtained from your GP.

Self certification starts after 7 days and your employer should have a form for you to complete.  More information can be found here.

The BMI Payment Plan card is a credit assessed facility that can be taken out to pay for any care at a BMI hospital. Anyone can take out the card to pay for anyone’s surgery. In other words, you do not have to apply for the card as you are having surgery.
The BMI Payment Plan Card is a credit assessed facility. It has a 12 month 0% finance period and after this time there is a 9.9% APR applied to the outstanding balance. The minimum payment every month (including during the 0% period ) is 5% of the outstanding balance.
People have used this card in a variety of ways: to make a part payment, to pay for the whole operation in 6 equal payments or to help them knowing that they are going to receive money within 6 months (such as inheritance, or money from a house move) in which case, they make the minimum payments until the can pay the remainder in one sum. Others have just paid the minimum and then been happy to incur the additional costs from interest knowing that it would be the only way they could have the procedure.
The BMI Finance department use Call Credit as their credit agency. On their website, there is a free credit rating report and this can help you gauge if you are going to be successful or not. BMI Finance is based on you receiving  540 to 560 points or above. The higher the credit rating, the greater the chance of you receiving the BMI Payment Plan Card for the full amount that you need.
You can apply by downloading the form from this link, printing it off, filling it in and sending it to the address on the form. You should hear within a few days whether you have been successful.

Live sperm can start to appear from the first time you have intercourse, two weeks after the vasectomy reversal operation.  We recommend that no intercourse or indeed, ejaculation takes place during the first two weeks as this can place a strain on the surgical join. Therefore abstinance is highly recommended. However, after this two weeks, we have had a few couples conceive within this first week and have their babies, 9 months later.

There is no evidence to suggest any higher rate of miscarriage after having a vasectomy reversal or having a child with abnormalities. If anything, having a vasectomy reversal means that your chance remains the same. If you were to have IVF, your chance would be higher of having a child with abnormalities and miscarriage.

No, in our experience, they are not weaker. The way they are is possibly how they had always been, except you didn’t know then.

The first two weeks are really important in your recovery. You musn’t do any lifting, any sport or have sex. A really quite restful time. If your job is physical in any way, you will need 2 weeks off work and Mr Harriss can assist you with a sick certificate should you need one.