vasectomy reversal techniqueIs Vasectomy Reversal Technique Important?

Yes, vasectomy reversal technique is important in so matter as the surgeon must show competency through consistent positive, genuine testimonials and pregnancies.


What Technique Does Mr Harriss Use?


After performing a scrotal incision, Mr Harriss explores the anatomy to find the ends of the vas deferens and then uses the single layer technique to rejoin both sides.

Important: There is no preferred method or “gold standard” of technique despite what you may read on the internet. Many research teams have explored whether one technique is better than another. The Vasovasostomy Study Group led by Belker et al looked at the results of 1469 microsurgical vasectomy reversals and how they were performed. They found no difference in the positive results of those who had single layer microsurgery and those who had multi-layer microsurgery.

In 2013 – a larger study by Herrel, Goodman and Hsaio looked at 23 individual scientific studies that had included over 4000 men who had had microsurgical vasectomy reversal. Again these scientists found no difference in the results when either a single or a multi layer technique is used.


The number of sutures is discussed variously online. Mr Harriss‘s vasectomy reversal technique uses sufficient sutures for the size of the anatomy. This is in line with established technique. There is also increasing discussion that the larger number of stitches, favoured by some surgeons, can increase the chance of scar tissue occurring at the site.

Important: There is much discussion by those that should know (other surgeons) and those that don’t know (forums) as to whether a set number is the “standard”. Again, there is no medical research to define this and there is no “wrong” number of sutures either.

The key important factors to focus on are:

Experience – Mr Harriss performs around 400 microsurgical vasectomy reversals every year. A medical study involving a sample of UK urological surgeons found that 75% performed 25 or less a year.

Results – Mr Harriss audits his results regularly and they are on this site for all to see.

Testimonials – Mr Harriss has over 725 testimonials and these are all real, documented and kept on file. There are also over 515 positive independent Feefo reviews of the service he provides.


All vasectomy reversals are performed micro surgically using a Zeiss operating microscope, under a general anaesthetic, in a fully operational private hospital.

Vaso-vasostomy or vaso-epididymostomy?

Mr Harriss can perform both procedures and the choice of which procedure is used is always made at the time of surgery. Mr Harriss always checks for the presence of sperm fluid and this factor always dictates the method of surgery.


One or Both Sides

Always both sides.

Do you want your operation performed by a qualified surgeon on the GM specialist register or a GP? Mr Harriss is listed on the specialist register for surgery.

General Anaesthetic or Local

We do not know of any qualified consultant urological surgeon who performs this surgery under a local anaesthetic. GPs do not have access to an anaesthetist and may therefore use a local anaesthetic only.

Mr Harriss’s anaesthetist is consultant anaesthetist, Dr Matthews. Mr Harriss and Dr Matthews have worked together for many years and Dr Matthews has received many favourable testimonials. We focus on giving you a pain free general anaesthetic. If you are concerned about having an anaesthetic, Dr Matthews will happily talk to you prior to surgery to help allay your fears.

Sperm Saving

We can arrange this for you but there are a couple of factors that we feel are important for you to be aware of.

Firstly, as Mr Harriss conducts evidence based surgery (surgery based on medical research), there is evidence that to do this is not necessarily a good way to spend your money as it is more expensive to have sperm harvesting during vasectomy reversal surgery than afterwards, should there be a need to proceed with any kind of IVF.

Secondly, there has been a large study looking at the various methods of sperm extraction and their outcomes. It informs that so far, medical research has not found the “best” way to extract sperm but it would be understandable to focus on a method that is the simplest and the least invasive. However, Mr Harriss always advises to focus on having your vasectomy reversal performed to the highest standard possible enabling the best results. This  pathway then prevents the additional complications of sperm retrieval (during vasectomy reversal) occurring:

  • haematoma (internal bleeding)
  • infection
  • testicular fibrosis
  • testicular atrophy
  • possible drop in testosterone


Here at the Vasectomy Reversal Centre, we are results driven and they really matter to us. Medical research tells us that no individual method of reversing a vasectomy is scientifically better than another. Mr Harriss has always used a single layer method for his vasectomy reversal technique and has achieved high success rates for his patients.

With Mr Harriss’s technique you are receiving expert microsurgery.

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