Is a vasectomy reversible?

Yes, all types of vasectomies are reversible including those that have been categorised as irreversible.

Do I need tests to check for sperm production?

No, assuming that you are fit and healthy and that you have not used anabolic steroids, it is highly likely that you are still producing sperm as you have done so since puberty.

What are the chances of success?

Mr Harriss has performed over 4500 vasectomy reversals and is in the unique position of being able to give you a chance of success based on his own results.

Do people become pregnant afterwards?

Yes, we have hundreds of testimonials from people who have had their vasectomy reversed and gone onto have one or more babies.

Vasectomy Reversal UK

Vasectomy Reversal UK – All You Need To Know About This Procedure

Vasectomy reversal UK based procedures are performed to undo a vasectomy. A vasectomy involves surgery to cut and seal a section of each vas deferens, the ducts that carry sperm to the urethra from the testicle. A reversal of this procedure therefore involves reconnecting these tubes to allow sperm back into the semen. Once done, you then have a chance of your partner becoming pregnant. It’s worth noting that vasectomy reversal does not, however, guarantee a successful pregnancy. An array of factors can enhance or detract from the potential for this outcome. Here, we look at these factors, as well as what to search for when choosing a clinic, and the typical vasectomy reversal cost UK wide.

Why Seek A Vasectomy Reversal And What Are The Chances Of Its Success?

chance of successSometimes, no matter how carefully you considered the consequences of a vasectomy, life changes can cause you to reverse your decision and start looking for a vasectomy reversal UK wide. Perhaps you have simply changed your mind about not wishing to have a child. Maybe you have a new partner after a breakdown of a past relationship, death or divorce. It could be that you have suffered the devastating loss of a child. Alternatively, in a small number of cases, a reversal of a vasectomy may be sought to reduce testicular pain from the original procedure. Your surgeon may seek information about your motives for booking a vasectomy reversal Nottingham based or beyond. However, this is to help give you a realistic idea about your chances of success; rest assured that he will not judge you for your decision. It may also help to know that very few patients are deemed to be unsuitable for surgery of this type – a vasectomy can almost always be reversed. However, this does not automatically mean that a couple, having undergone this treatment, will be able to conceive a child. Before making a definitive decision to book a reversal, it is worth contacting a reputable vasectomy reversal clinic Nottingham or beyond. In general terms, there is also a difference between the prospects for successful restoration of sperm to the semen and the possibility of then achieving pregnancy with your partner after the operation.

What Factors Affect Vasectomy Reversal Success Rates UK Wide?

Having stated that differentiation, we must now look at the success rates of both and how to maximise your chances if you are hoping to conceive a child through the reversal of a vasectomy. Vasectomy reversal success rates UK wide will vary from surgeon to surgeon, so if you are planning to undergo the procedure, you should look at each individual expert’s results in detail. While it’s estimated to be up to 98% guaranteed that sperm will be returned to the semen, there are numerous factors that affect whether this will result in pregnancy. Research does indicate that there is a higher chance of success the shorter the period of time since the vasectomy took place. Pregnancy though, has the same chance of success as a normal couple who have not had a vasectomy so all the same factors apply. This is why pregnancy has been known even in partners of men whose vasectomies were over 20 years ago or more, so there is still a chance of becoming pregnant, whatever your circumstances. However, your past fertility, the age of your partner and her own fertility are also important considerations. The vasectomy reversal success stories UK of our Nottingham clinic show that pregnancies have occurred for couples of all ages and all times since vasectomy. None of this though, can have a maximum chance of success without having surgery from an experienced surgeon with a public high track record of successful outcomes.

Choosing The Best Of The Vasectomy Reversal Clinics UK Wide

When you are looking for vasectomy reversal clinics UK wide, you should never just opt for the nearest one to you, nor the cheapest one either. While we all have financial limitations, you are investing in giving yourself the best chances of a successful outcome, and that means finding the clinic that can offer you that. With that in mind, you should never be afraid to ask for a particular surgeon’s credentials. First of all, your practitioner should be a trained and experienced surgeon, registered with the General Medical Council and a member of the appropriate professional body, for your peace of mind. Then, he or she should also have extensive experience directly in the field of vasectomy reversal UK wide. While this procedure is most commonly performed by urologists, not all of them will have the same range and breadth of experience. It is well worth, therefore, asking about the numbers of reversals your chosen surgeon has performed, over what period of time and with what success rates. This information should be willingly and transparently given, and be backed up with evidence and testimonials from past patients if requested. And one last recommendation also holds true: reversals of vasectomies are typically more likely to be successful if carried out by a surgeon who uses microsurgery techniques. This includes use of a surgical microscope, without which precision surgery in this delicate area is less likely to achieve success. One clinic that can boast outstanding results in vasectomy reversal is The Vasectomy Reversal Centre in Nottingham.

For The Best In Vasectomy Reversal UK Wide, Visit The Vasectomy Reversal Centre

At the Vasectomy Reversal Centre, we are proud of our success rate and openly display the results of surgery on our website at Our surgeon, Mr Duncan Harriss, learned his craft during specialist training in Denver, Colorado, bringing his experience back to Nottingham, where he has carried out over 4,500 microsurgical operations for patients seeking vasectomy reversal UK wide. With a clear majority of his patients regaining their fertility and an impressive number of babies resulting from this treatment, the Vasectomy Reversal Centre is a tried, tested and trusted provider of this service. For more details or to book a consultation, email us at, call on 0115 837 0300 or contact us via the website. We look forward to hearing from you.