Why A Vasectomy Reversal Is Nothing To Fear

vasectomy reversalThere may be many reasons you are considering undergoing a vasectomy reversal and no doubt you will have thought long and hard about the matter before even visiting this site. Once you have made the decision that you would like to be able to have more children, the practicalities of a vasectomy reversal will inevitably occupy your mind and you will probably have some doubts and fears.

We will address the most commonly expressed concerns about vasectomy reversal here and hopefully be able to reassure you that with our expert care, you have nothing to worry about.


The operation itself is undertaken under general anaesthetic so no pain will be felt at all during the procedure. Pain relief will be given afterwards to carry you through the postoperative period whilst your body heals.

Knowing that you will have a general anaesthetic will no doubt relieve any anxiety you might have had about the pain of local anaesthetic being administered to a sensitive area. But you may have worries about undergoing any surgical procedure under general anaesthetic. We pride ourselves on the time and care we take over communicating with our patients throughout their time with us and our skilled anaesthetist, Dr Matthews (who has worked with Mr Harriss for many years) is always happy to talk through any concerns a patient may have about anaesthesia.


Another fear patients often have is that they will undergo a reversal of vasectomy only to have it fail. Our aftercare procedures are rigorous and we have strong links with CARE Fertility, based here in Nottingham, which undertakes full and proper semen analysis, the cost of which is included in the overall price of your vasectomy reversal. You can also be reassured by the fact that live sperm are present following a reversal of vasectomy in up to 98% of our patients, depending on how long ago their original vasectomy was performed.

Recovery time

We estimate that it will take seven to 14 days for you to heal. We usually recommend that you take a week off work, unless you work in a manual profession – in which case, we suggest you take two weeks off to aid your full recovery.


The cost of a vasectomy reversal as a private surgical procedure, including anaesthesia and aftercare, may be a worrying prospect. However, all of our costs are transparent and will probably be more affordable than you imagine. We also offer 12 month interest-free credit and a risk-free ‘Save and Pay’ scheme to help you.


Your body will heal very quickly, so we ask that you abstain from having sex for only two weeks.

If you’ve already made the most difficult decision, to have a vasectomy reversal, choose The Vasectomy Reversal Centre to ensure your procedure is a success. Mr Harriss’s years of experience in this very specific area of medicine mean that you will receive the best possible care and best possible outcome.