Why older men are great dads

older dad as fatherThinking about having children when you are in your 40s or 50s – or even later – can seem a bit daunting. No parent ever forgets the colic, dirty nappies, night feeds and tantrums – and so the thought of doing it all over again can be a bit unnerving. However, there are more older dads around now than ever before and you would probably struggle to find one who didn’t say that having another child was the best thing they ever did. Those who had a vasectomy reversal and went on to have more children are discovering that there are a huge number of benefits to being an older parent – and here are a few of them:

Life skills

An older dad has more life skills. We aren’t just talking about being able to cook or replace a blown fuse; having more patience is probably one of the best skills that someone acquires as they get older. Also, communication skills improve, as older men usually prefer to talk through a problem. Just think, you are probably better equipped mentally to bring up a child now than you were 20 or 30 years ago.

Settled and stable

There is no doubt that older fathers generally have a more stable life to bring a child into. Financially, they are more settled and so don’t have the same worries that some younger fathers have. Also, they are more settled socially. Friday and Saturday nights aren’t about going out drinking, but are more likely to be spent at home.

You aren’t alone

According to recent figures, almost two thirds of men are aged over 30 when they become dads for the first time, and 15% are more than 40. So don’t worry that you will be the oldest parent at the school gates. We are used to hearing stories of celebrities such as Michael Douglas, Bruce Willis, Hugh Grant and Paul McCartney having children – they knew it was the right time for them, and age wasn’t an issue.

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